Our project

After many years of intense work and experience as consultant and producer, Flavio Prà thought to an innovative project with the aim to guarantee the production of wines as expression of the Italian style and craftsmanship also in the mass retail channel.

Thus, in the years 2000, he founded Corte Allodola.

The name related to the territory

The name derives from the blend of due characteristical and geographical aspect of this area:
Corte Allodola would like to remember the typical “court” of venetian tradition thus the farmer origin of the company.

The method

Wines that come from the selection of the most characteristical grapes from the best venetian territory, farmed on well – stocked soils. Works begins coordinating farmers in both property and rented vineyards, in the different areas. Every step of production is monitored.

Vine plants are carefully selected to be planted in our soils.
The pruning done from our expert farmers.
The harvest follow the biological cycle of every single grapes, to express its best characteristics.
Fermentation, winemaking, the aging and the bottling are done in our cellars under the control of our expert cellerers.
Before the selling, we made the last qualitative controls to ensure the excellence of every products.

Attention to the vineyard

Starting from the fundation, Corte Allodola looks for and adopts new technique and technologies to reduce the impact to the environment and to ensure a high quality product without using agronomical products that could damage the environment, the vineyard and the health of the consumers.

In the vineyard, our mission is to minimize the use of chemical pesticide adopting alternative solution as copper and sulfur. We took different solution to reduce chemical weeding and promoting the machining.

Renewable energies

We installed a photovoltaic panel system that the company is totally autonomous with regard to electricity demand.

Panels can satisfy all electrical demands of our company also during high energy request for example during the bottling.

Terre del Vulcano

barattolo con terra del vulcano

Volcanic soils transmit to Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave high mineral and sugar concentration. Our result is a wine extremely fresh, as tradition wants. Unique characteristic of this kind of soil is the capacity to create wine with great longevity and a capacity to thin in the bottle. We want that our Soave Classico DOC “Terre del Vulcano” wrap the palate during a dinner with traditional dishes such as the classic Bigoli with Sardines of Lake Garda.

Terre dei Sassi

barattolo con terra dei sassi

On ciottolous soils grow up our vineyard for the production of Pinot Grigio “Terre dei Sassi”. This vineyards are characterized by white – rose stones to reflect the sun for a complete maturation of the vine to ensure a very aromatic wine.

Terre delle Scaglie

barattolo con terra delle scaglie

On the Val d’Illasi mountains we selected a vineyard for the production of Rosso IGT Veneto “Terre delle Scaglie”. This unique soils give to the must high concentration of sugar concentrate that, with the high thermal excursion, allow us to create a very aromatic and elegant wine.

Terre del Vulcano

Soave Classico DOC

Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave grapes are cultivated in the classical area, on volcanic soil, to transmit to the wine minerality, aromas and high capacity to thin in the bottle.
Intense yellow colour with golden reflections.
Floreal flavor of acacia and hawthorn first, than mature fruit, for and intense and fresh wine.
Paired with entries, fish first curses and young cheeses.

Terre dei Sassi

Pinot Grigio Veneto IGT

Fruity and fresh white wines intense yellow colour with greenish reflections. In the mouth donate a lovely fresh fruit persistence, with a good acidity.
You can pair it with fish – based or white meat first courses or with velvety vegetables.
Try it as aperitive instead of sparkling wines.

Gold Medal Berliner Wine Trophy 2015

Terre delle Scaglie

Rosso Veneto IGT

This wine derives from the selecton of Corvina Veronese, Merlot and Cabernet to obtain a slightly fruity wine. Structured and persistant with a good acidity, elegant red ruby colour.
In the mouth a slight vegetal note with spices.
During the meal, good paired with red meat – based main courses, salami and aged cheeses. For its acidity also good with pasta with ragù.

Valpolicella Ripasso

Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Superiore

Red intense ruby colour with garnet reflects. To the nose intense and persistant with fruit in alcohol, spices and flower aromas. To the palate soft, velvety and with a very elegant tannins that combines and amalgamate all the components of the wine.
A wine very easy to pair with traditional venetian dishes as red – meat dishes with grilled vegetables.

Gold Medal Asia Wine Trophy 2015

Amarone della Valpolicella “Corte Allodola”

Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG

An Amarone in touch with the Valpolicella oenological tradition. This particular wine is a result of a delicate drying process pampered by the sweet and fresh breezes of the high mountains of Val d'Illasi. Elegant and intense colour, to the nose strong and persistant with notes from mature red fruits to spices and floreal notes.
A wine easy to pair with Verona’s typical dishes as brasato with wine sauce and grilled mais cream, very good as meditation wine paired with different cheeses.